An educated world that is free of poverty and infectious diseases with empowered communities.


To focus intervention on the felt needs of target communities and impact positively on children, women and youths in the areas of HIV/AIDS/sexual/reproductive health and general health, education and community empowerment.


To reduce poverty, promote healthy living and enhance education through community involvement and participation.



1.    Initiate and coordinate comprehensive HIV & AIDS prevention projects, Care and Support services with stakeholders (youths, women, societal gate keepers, CSOs, corporate bodies, governments and other development partners). 

2.    Empower Children, youths and women through educational enhancement, skill development and provision of support to include scholarship, micro credit & mentoring and exchange programs.

3.    Build the capacity of CBOs, rural farmers and other stakeholders in livestock management, disease control procedures and facilitate access to technical services.

4.    Capacity building and mentoring of CBOs and FBOs for optimal service delivery in health care, education, poverty reduction/community development and veterinary services.


Our corporate identity rests on our five fundamental values:

1.    Priority to the poor and vulnerable: Our empathy/sensitivity on the felt needs of target audience and the desire to give voice to the voiceless inform PIDE’s believe in focusing resources on the poor and vulnerable.  

2.    Equal opportunities: In PIDE, management and service delivery is conducted in a compassionate manner that is gender sensitive. We believe in providing equal opportunities to both female and male at all levels.

3.    Accountability and professionalism: Our philosophy is sincerity of purpose, honesty, wholesomeness and forthrightness in all interactions with stakeholders at all levels. The extraordinary dedication and competence of our staff also defines PIDE’s believe in quality services propelled by experienced/competent hands.

4.    Resilience: This is our innate underlying virtue that defines our strong believe in reaching out to needing communities in service delivery. No matter how challenging the operating environment may be, our endurance inspired by hope has always given us the strength to meet set goals and objectives.

5.    Local partnership/ownership/Team spirit: PIDE’s hallmark is to “Lend a Helping Hand”. This and our partnership/sustainability policies have informed the strong bond between staff, volunteers and beneficiaries/target communities as one big family.  


1.      Partnership, networking and coalitions building
2.      Gender mainstreaming
3.      Cultural sensitivity and community involvement/participation
4.      Sharing of best practices
5.      Sustainability and scale up


PIDE - U.S. Headquarters 8627 Cinnamon Creek Drive, Building 401, San Antonio, Texas 78240 USA
Phone: 210.293.9660 | Fax: 210.691.5122
African Province Centers: Outreach Center Suite FF 14, CITTI Centre Complex Opp.
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